• "I came to the office because I had chronic pain, aches, etc. from a crooked spine and tense muscles from congenital cervical torticollis. The symptoms caused an inability to concentrate, depression, and a lack energy. In the past I’ve tried multiple MD’s, meds, physical therapy, neuro-muscular re-education, stretching, yoga and other chiropractors. Since seeing Dr. Jenkins my pain has greatly diminished, I have more energy, and I’m able to concentrate. Dr. Jenkins is the best of 10+ chiropractors I have seen in my lifetime. His painless adjustments and comprehensive treatment plan have helped me and given me hope."
    Cate M.
  • "I had an ache in my lower back that became worse after lifting something heavy. This caused difficulty concentrating at work and even problems sleeping. I tried medicine and massage with little benefit. After only the 1st week of care with Dr. Jenkins the pain dissipated, and within a month I felt back to normal. After the first month of treatment I felt so much better; I could sleep better and I had more energy. Dr. Jenkins is great – he focuses on the areas that need adjusting so it’s very effective. I highly recommend him to anyone who wants to feel better!"
    Debra K.
  • "I suffered from back and shoulder pain. As a truck driver, sitting for long periods would cause severe pain. I tried multiple pain medications which failed to provide much relief. After the adjustments the pain went away. I never knew the details of chiropractic work; therefore, I didn’t know the concept of correcting the problem. I only delayed the problem by taking pain medications for some temporary relief. Also, as a truck driver I am not allowed to take certain medications and drive; therefore, getting adjusted was perfect for me."
    Dwight J.
  • "I came to Dr. Jenkins with severe lower back pain. My life pretty much came to a stand-still; I couldn’t walk, stand up straight, or do most of the normal daily activities. I tried taking pills and stretching and there was no relief. Since seeing Dr. Jenkins I have a lot less pain and I can stand up straight again. The doctor was very professional and explained the treatment and what could be done to help me."
    Larry W.
  • "My back pain was affecting my performance during work, school, and athletics. I first tried massage, Ibuprofen, and even athletic trainers; although these treatments helped to some degree, I still had constant low back pain. Since seeing Dr. Jenkins, my back feels much better on a daily basis. I had never received soft tissue work before seeing Dr. Jenkins, and it has been amazing for my back!"
    Kailey H.
  • "I came to Dr. Jenkins for continuous back pain that affected my work, my ability to lift anything, and perform certain activities. I have tried a different chiropractor in the past, but Dr. Jenkins has helped greatly reduce my back pain and I don’t get headaches anymore. I would greatly recommend Dr. Jenkins chiropractic care for any health related concerns."
    Claudia D.

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